Magazine Scans July 2015


You know what I really want the day before Wonder Festival? Magazine scans. Because my dream is for mountains of work. Yay. Anyway, we have scans this month again! More than usual! I mean, there’s the normal MegaHouse stuff: Digimon (Amgemon & Angewomon painted!)… and, okay, most of the others are missing. Do you know why? Because we are getting POKEMON FIGURES. Yes, that’s Jessie in the header. She comes with Wobbuffet. All my dreams are coming true. I mean, they’re 1/10, but beggars can’t be choosers, right?

And there’s lots of non-MegaHouse. Max Factory has finally sculpted the Tony Taka versions of Rin & Len.. that only took like 2 years. We have FREEing’s bunny girl Chitoge, a whole lot of updates for Bikini Warriors (including that Paladin is an exclusive, my heart is breaking!) and and finally some news from Sword & Wizards ~The Emperor of Sword & Seven Lady Knight~. Fuyuka Yukishiro has been sculpted, and will be produced by Kotobukiya. All that and more after the jump!

[via takezo1101 & ALTEISEN1]


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