Magazine Scans June 2015


I am definitely not used to this new magazine scan format. Sure, it’s nice to have them back, but I miss when they actually had, you know, news. Pickings are slim now, even though we do get quite a bit of material. And this month, like the past few, features basically MegaHouse and like 2 pages of non-MegaHouse. There’s their new Digimon figures, Dragonball Z, Sailor Moon.. the usual, stuff we already knew about.

But we do have some news! There’s going to be a new Hyakka Ryouran figure, this time of a bride-like Jubei (and probably manufactured by Alter). We also have some pages from Union Creative featuring their expansive line of guy figures: new on the scene are Sebastian and Ciel.

[via takezo1101 & Union Creative]


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