Magazine Scans November 2015


It’s time for your monthly mediocre magazine scans! It’s been well over a year, and I’m not over how lackluster they are now. Because once again, it’s almost all MegaHouse! Okay, we do have some Volks stuff this time, including a brand-new Saber Bride for their overpriced CharaGumin line that makes me angry. It’s like “wow, that sculpt is awesome… too bad it’s going to be insanely expensive and look terrible without lots of paint detail work!” SIGH.

Okay, the MegaHouse stuff! Most excitingly, Pokemon’s James is painted to go along with Jessie. And he has a little Meowth! Plus, he’s a standard release (thank god). We also have figures from Gintama, One Piece, Gundam Reconguista in G, Shinrabanshou Chocolate, and more. Check them all out in the gallery!

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