Magazine Scans September 2015


Guys, guys… magazine scans are back! We have an actual batch of things that aren’t just “everything MegaHouse is doing that we already knew about!” Like, new figures and stuff! Okay, so it’s more like “pictures with an ungodly amount of flash” rather than, you know, scans, but it’s progress. Maybe one day we’ll be back to the golden days of actual scans. But for now, we’re close enough.

This month we’ve got lots of goodies, including actual new figures–like that grown-up Aldra people have always wanted, an alternate Beelzebub from Seven Deadly Sins, and a recolor of Won Pairon from AlphaMax. We’re also getting a look at MegaHouse’s Bulma (she’s in a bunny outfit!) and quite a few figures are painted: MegaHouse’s Seiten, Kotobukiya’s Kirika, the new Thai Queen Racing Miku, and Phat!’s Rin Suzuboki. Check them all out below!

[via Figure/GK]


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