Magical Mirai 2015 Miku Hatsune Is Up For Order


The 2014 Magical Mirai Miku was such a trainwreck that I had zero hopes for the 2015 version, even if the art was pretty cool. I mean, it doesn’t exactly scream “magical girl” or anything (though for real, I’d love a magical girl Miku), but it’s cool. And surprisingly, the figure turned out kind of cool too!

I was really expecting another half-assed, lazy sculpt, but they got Grimrock to do it so we all know it’s gonna turn out fantastic. And considering that this is 1/10 scale, the detail is kind of out of this world. These damn Mikus, they get me every time. Sadly, she’s not cheap or easy to get: she’s a GSC shop exclusive, and ¥8,900 which is pricey given her size. Orders are open now, and will run until December 16th!


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