Marvel Bishoujo Lady Deadpool Comes To SDCC 2016


Kotobukiya recently released their Lady Deadpool Bishoujo (review), and I have to say, I was not expecting an alternate version of her to pop up! But they always bring at least one recolor/resculpt to San Diego Comic Con and this year it will be Wanda.

This version of her has the same basic pose, but with quite a few changes. Most notably, she has a half-unmasked face with the signature Deadpool weirdness (though it looks like the lesions have been tamed down to cuter-looking scars). She’s also got a gyro and a really adorable cloth Kotobukiya tote bag & a SDCC bag. Aww, for all her SDCC figure shopping! She will retail for $74.99 at their booth #2601 during the event. All of her new pieces are interchangeable with the original, so if you have both you can probably come up with some really interesting combos.

[via Kotobukiya’s Facebook]


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