Marvel Bishoujo Spider-Woman Is Painted


Well this sure happened quickly! We just saw the sculpt reveal for the Spider-Woman Bishoujo at NYCC, and she’s already painted. But the Marvel Bishoujo line is the fastest moving (usually), so I guess it’s not really THAT surprising. In any case, here she is, all latex’d up and ready to fight crime.

I was far from a huge fan of the art but I’ve been liking her more and more as the piece has progressed. Sure, she still has a boob-sock thing going on and the pose is a tad… questionable but come on she has spider webs in her armpits. How can you not like that? Also clear PVC hair, which I am unable to resist.

[UPDATE] The official pictures from Kotobukiya have been added to the gallery.

[via 310poco’s Twitter & Kotobukiya’s Facebook]


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