Max Factory Announces A Double Dose of Metroid Figures

Well, it was bound to eventually happen, but Nintendo has finally given a PVC maker in Japan the license to one of their properties with none other than the Metroid franchise. Max Factory announced not just one, but two figures from Metroid Other M, and I for one couldn’t be any happier. First up is a smaller scaled poseable figma in her Power Suit, which will be great for some work desk fun or interaction with other figures and should retail for around ¥3,000-4000.

But that’s not all, Max Factory also showed off a 1/8th scale static PVC figure of Samus Aran that will be coming out in 2012 that appears to be of her in her Zero Suit. Yes, that’s right, a scaled figure of Samus is on the way and will be much cheaper than the existing few statues that retailed for well over $100 each. So, what do you think about this announcement? Are you excited to see Samus get the figure treatment? What other Nintendo properties would you also like to see made into figure form? Let us know in the comments below!

[via 2chan]


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