Max Factory’s Gorgeous Benten Is Painted


One of my favorite figures from this past Summer WonFest was definitely Max Factory’s jaw-dropping sculpt of Benten from ZONE-00. It’s sculpted by Nanako, Chieri’s protege, and shows his influence loud and clear. The thinly spiraled hair and detailed wings pretty much scream “Chieri” to the point where I was about 90% sure this was his work! So good job, Nanako. You’ve come pretty far since that first Shining Wind figure.

To many people’s surprise, Benten was revealed to be a (biologically, at least) male character, who chooses to dress & act in  a feminine manner. For some people this made Benten a instant no-buy but come on, this is a totally gorgeous figure! Especially painted, uhnf. Those wings!

note: absolutely no transphobic language will be tolerated on Plastikitty, including the word “trap” and any derogatory discussion of gender & sexuality. Keep it respectful, people!

[via Kahotan’s blog]


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