Max Factory’s Mebae Miku Hatsune Is Finally Painted


I always feel like I should be tired of Miku figures, but every time a new one gets shown off I’m drawn right back in. Never enough Miku for me, I guess! Sure, it’d be nice to have some Lukas, but with figures like this? Yeah, I’m pretty satisfied with the Vocaloid figures GSC & co have been putting out.

The Mebae ver Miku is one I’ve been looking forward to since the art announcement a year ago. The sculpt showed up at Wonder Festival and I was extra hype. I men, it’s so dynamic! And, okay, the toes are a little scary, but other than that I was in love. And painted? She’s even prettier! The colors are so vibrant and different, and I think this definitely stands out among all the other more moe, cutesy Miku figures. Now we just have to wait to see how much she’s going to hurt my wallet…

[UPDATE] We got a ton of new pictures from mebae!

[via akane_mxf’s Twitter]


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