MegaHobby Expo Fall 2015: Alter


We’ve seen Alter’s Yuzuruha, but of course they had lots more at Megahobby Expo! I mean, they did just show off some stuff at that IDOLM@STER event but still, many goodies to be had. There were, of course, many of their Love Live! girls (seeing as how they are doing the whole cast): the Halloween Eri was there (which is technically Alpha x Omega), along with Maki Nishikino and Nozomi Tojou. We also have two Sabers: the previously announced Saber Alter is sculpted, and they’ve announced a new school uniform one. Personally, I don’t need any more Sabers, but man the dress on that Alter…

The most exciting announcement (to me) is a dual figure of Charlotte and Laura from Infinite Stratos… as catgirls! It’s just too cute. We also have sculpts for Edna from Tales of Zestiria (who I seriously thought was another Saber), along with Julius Will Kresnik from Tales of Xillia 2.¬†Gertrud Barkhorn, the last announced Strike Witch, is sculpted, and the rather risque Mea Kurosaki got a paint job along with Isuzu Sento. Check them all out below!

[UPDATE] Added Yukina Himeragi from Strike the Blood

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