MegaHobby Expo Fall 2015: Amakuni


Amakuni: aka “manufacturer of figures I want that are always so expensive & exclusive so they make me cry.” It’s always kind of bittersweet to see what they have coming down the pipeline because it will inevitably be pretty and I inevitably won’t be able to get it. SIGH. They had, of course, some great stuff at Megahobby, including Wedding Muramasa! Plus the bonus announcement for a Wedding Chachamaru Ashikaga. The alternate Beelzebub is also painted.

We have a ton of new sculpts! There’s Felicia von Flamberg (lol that name) from Sword & Wizards, the gorgeous Umuru from Wixoss, an announcement for Libeccio from KanColle, and the hilariously busty Kasumi Iwato from Saki Zenkoku-hen.

[via Figsoku]


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