MegaHobby Expo Fall 2016: Amakuni


Amakuni is moving on up in the world. They used to be a company totally under my radar: they released only a handful of figures a month, tended to focus on fanservice, and only made exclusives. Well, the last two are still true, but they are ramping up their production (and quality!) like woah based on their MegaHobby display.

The star of the show is definitely Anne Takamaki from Persona 5, along with an announcement for Makoto Niijima. I hope this is the first of many announcements for the game! We also have shockingly original duo-figure of Megaman X and Zero, a ton of Kantai Collection (Kashima, Ooyoda, Haruna, Libeccio, and Mutsu), the addition of Yuzuruha to their Muramasa line (along with alternate “wet” versions of Momohime and Kongiku), their cute Sonico which is ruined by the boobs, Orange Heart from the Neptunia franchise, and so much more.

Like Ryoubi from Senran Kagura, a bunny version of Sword & Wizards‘ Fuyuka Yukishiro, the painted Deena Challenger, Cleric from Bikini Warriors, and announcement for Alice Shimada from Girls und Panzer, and the way too perfect Cyan from Show By Rock. I want so many of these figures…

[via 1up]


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