MegaHobby Expo Fall 2017: Alter

Ah, MegaHobby Expo, Wonder Festival’s little brother. Years ago the two rivaled each other in scale, but as time has passed MegaHobby has gotten smaller and smaller. Fewer companies, fewer figures. But there are always a few gems to be found!

We’ll start the coverage with Alter, one of my favorite companies (though as you may know, they have recently fallen out of the “affordable” bracket and into the “look longingly from a distance” bracket for me). They had quite a few cuties out on display, including many updates to their Wonder Festival sculpts. Jeanne d’Arc definitely stole the show for me! The only brand-new reveal was Arie Nadja from Madou Monogatari who is so adorably retro it hurts.

[via moeyo]


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