MegaHobby Expo Fall 2017: Amakuni

Ah, Amakuni. I love their figures but I hate getting them, because they are always exclusives. Unfortunately for me (and my wallet), they have so many new figures my heart yearns for. I mean first off, and most obviously, my Persona 5 gals! Anne, Motoko, Futaba (light of my life), and now… Death Waifu?! I can’t believe they’re moving on to social link romances and leaving Haru in the dust. Poor Haru.

And then there’s the gorgeous Tony Taka Racing Miku (be still my heart), and Yu-Gi-Oh DX’s Jaden. They showed off quite a few new things as well, like the Satsuki and Ryuuko from Kill la Kill they are adding to the weird “hot springs bath” line or whatever that is. We’ve also got Erina from Queen’s Blade Unlimited: the second QB figure of the night! I wonder why there’s been such a resurgence? And will we be getting new, cute Ymirs in the future?!

[via moeyo]


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