MegaHobby Expo Fall 2017: MegaHouse

As a company, MegaHouse absolutely bamboozles me. On one hand we have their cute, nostalgic, simple-but-well-made lines like their amazing Digimon and Pokemon figures, which were both out and about at MegaHobby. Then they bust out the occasional magnificent sculpt, like our header girl: Airi from Queen’s Blade! I cannot explain my excitement when I saw her: I always wanted a great Airi figure but assumed that time had come & gone long ago. But no, MegaHouse to the rescue!

Then we have the other half of their line: the painfully tacky and often out-of-character girls, especially from beloved shows like Naruto and Dragonball Z. They’ve butchered so many of my faves. Just look at that Hinata. It hurts my soul. And I remember C.C in a lot more clothing, don’t you? The One Piece girls obviously fall into this category: the anatomy has gotten so bad that I kind of think it’s some big elaborate joke. The sculpting for this “side” of them is often simple to a fault and looks like it could have been from 8 years ago. Put Airi, the new Digimon boys, and that awful stripper pole Nami together: do they look like the same company? What is going on with MegaHouse?!?!

[via moeyo]


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