MegaHobby Expo Spring 2016: Pokemon


It’s really the best time to be a Pokemon fan. We’ve got new games coming out (which means new starter wars–I’m team Litten, though Rowlet is cute af), we’ve got so many figures… what a time to be alive. And what a day for Pokemon news! We have double the fun. First up, Kotobukiya’s Ash (or Red, or whatever you want to call him) is painted. And so perfect! I’ve dreamed of this for so long.

Then we have two new announcements from MegaHouse. They’ll be adding both Nurse Joy and Brock to their G.E.M line! And so far, it hasn’t included exclusives so… hey, a girl can dream. Nurse Joy comes with Chancey and Brock comes with Geodude (and friends) and I am TOO EXCITED. What a day.

[UPDATE] But wait, there’s more! MegaHouse is making action figures of both Lucario and Mewtwo.

[via AmiAmi’s Twitter]


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