MegaHobby Expo Spring 2017: Alter

Ahh, Alter. I have almost entirely sworn off buying figures, but when I am tempted it’s Alter at least 50% of the time. Something about them just really gets me in my figure-loving soul. And this event is no exception! While they only had a few goodies on hand, they were all absolutely gorgeous: from their stunning new Gwendolyn to the unbearably adorable Anzu Futaba, Alter still has it going on.

Of course there were no big surprises. We have their usual go-to franchises: Fate (this time it’s a casual Lancer), IDOLM@STER, Love Live! (I never stop wanting these girls, sigh), Free!, and Tales of. Plachta from Atelier Sophie was definitely a nice surprise, as I didn’t expect her to turn out so beautifully based on the sculpt.

[UPDATE] Added some lovely bonus pictures from Hobby Maniax

[via Dengeki & AmiAmi]


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