MegaHouse Announces New P.O.P Orders For February

MegaHouse’s Portrait of Pirates line is wildly popular, due in part to the success of One Piece and in part to how ridiculously limited the run numbers are. They lead to huge glitchfests on order sites, so MegaHouse tries to prepare us well in advance. Now they’ve announced two February orders: Benn Beckman of the NEO-DX line and the stunning Shirahoshi of the Sailing Again line. Now, I am not a huge fan of the One Piece designs (to put it lightly) but even I cannot resist the charms of the Goldfish Princess! Though I could do without the little Luffy in her hand–let’s hope it’s removable.

Both of these are listed as 1/8 scale, but the P.O.P line is pretty large. They will both be released in June, and orders open February 8th at 18:00 JST. Get your refresh buttons ready!

[via the POP Blog]


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