MegaHouse Brings A Double Dose of Exclusive Digimon


I’ve been playing a lot of Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth recently, so I’ve got Digimon on the brain. And while I am thankful that we’re finally getting figures from it, I’m still so torn that it’s MegaHouse who is delivering. Because half of them are freaking exclusives and it drives me up a wall.

Today we’ve got not one but two figures I want but can’t afford. Oh boy! First up is a dual set of Renamon & her tamer Ruki Makino. This set retails for ¥6,800 with an October release, so at least they’re reasonably priced. Then we’ve got Beelzebumon Blast Mode (can we talk about how stupid his name is? It should be Beelzemon or Beelzebubmon, sheesh), who will cost you a whopping ¥13,800. At least he comes with a little Impmon? I have to say, given that we got Angewomon I was so hoping LadyDevimon or even Mastemon was next. Oh well.

Pre-Order Renamon: Big In Japan | Nippon Yasan

Pre-Order Beelzebumon BM: Big In Japan | Nippon Yasan


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