MegaHouse Shows Off More New Digimon Figures


My excitement for MegaHouse’s Digimon line certainly started out sky-high. But that was when, you know, I could actually buy them in regular stores and they weren’t all exclusives. We’ve had a spate of exclusive mons–Angemon & Angewomon, Garurumon, Beelzebumon and Renamon–and I’m sure these new ones will be no exception. So as always, not gonna get my hopes up.

We have two updates–the first is that Veemon and Daisuke and painted! Then we have a brand-new sculpt, Leomon and Juri Katou from Digimon Tamers. Tamers was past my time so I don’t have any nostalgic value attached to the characters, but I must admit that Leomon looks absolutely magnificent.

[via Mega GirlsHobby]


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