Miyazawa Model Exhibition Spring 2013: Bandai’s Pokemon D-Arts


For years, people have wanted high-quality Pokemon action figures. It took a long time for Bandai to come around and release some, but oh man did they deliver. So far we’ve gotten Mewtwo, Charizard and Blastoise (who are all hanging out in the gallery), but the big news is that we can finally show you Venusaur who was one of the first ones shown off! However, he was marked Do Not Photograph at the time.

This clearly means he’ll be up for order soon, and also that Bandai is out of the original D-Arts they showed off. So who is next? Will they stick with Gen 1 or move on to other Generations? Who would you like to see next? Personally, I really want an Absol.

[via Akibahobby]


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