Miyazawa Model Expo Fall 2015: Event Overview


It seems like Good Smile Company & co brought more to Miyazawa Model Expo than everyone else combined. But that doesn’t mean we don’t have good stuff from the other companies! In fact, we have way more non-GSC news to show you. So let’s just dive right in! Vertex showed off a ton of sculpts, including the Rune Knight from 7th Dragon which looks amazing. Kaitendoh’s Hestia is painted, and Wave brought theirs as well (along with tons of Beach Queens, most of them from Love Live).

Dragon Toy/Daiki Kougyou showed off a handful of new sculpts, including some original Oda Non works. One of AlphaMax’s newest Tony Taka girls is painted, Orchid Seed actually made progress on a figure, we have announcements from Revolve and Gecco, there’s a new set of Digimon figures from MegaHouse, and tons more. Check it all out in the gallery!

[via Akibahobby]


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