Miyazawa Model Expo Fall 2015: Good Smile Company & Co


Miyazawa Model Exhibition is one of those “in-between” events. Nestled right in the middle of Summer WonFest and Fall MegaHobby, it’s a chance for companies to… not really show off much new. Let’s be honest, they save the big stuff for the big event, so we don’t get a ton of news from Miyazawa. But Good Smile Company & co brought, like, literally everything they’re working on (that we know about). Just a TON of stuff.

Most of it was things we knew about, but we do have some updates: their lovely Felia is finally painted (and, well, no as pretty as I expected), Nendoroid Sheeda from Fire Emblem is finished, figma Yugi showed up, and basically we got a ton of other paint updates. The star of the show was definitely Mebae Miku: hopefully her orders open soon!

[via Akibahobby]


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