Miyazawa Model Expo Fall 2016: Good Smile Company & Co


At any event they attend, Good Smile Company and their numerous umbrella companies always steal the show. How can they not, with so much firepower? Of course Nendoroids were right at the forefront. Megumin, Minna-Dietlinde Wilcke, lots of KanColle (Hatsuzuki, Kiso, Pola), Caster Extra, Hajime Iwaizumi, and Boba Fett all made an appearance. And of course figmas too! We had Takao, Iowa, and Mumei on display.

Max Factory brought their new To LOVEru girl, Yuuki Mikan, and we had FREEing’s bunny Ryuuko Matoi. Last but not least, there’s Phat!’s Parform Hikari Karibuchi and Saber.

[UPDATE] Added a few stray figures!

[UPDATE 2] Added one last announcement: 22 Niang and 33 Niang from Bilibili!

[via Kahotan’s Twitter]


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