Mr. Surprise’s Winter Wonder Festival 2012 Lineup

Mr. Surprise is one of the more well-known garage kit makers, as his sculpts have been picked up by Daiki Kougyou occasionally and he also makes some of the more impressive figures out there. He’s got 4 figures lined up for the upcoming Wonder Festival, each of them (of course) in very limited numbers.

First up we have the Idol Version Miku Hatsune, in an impressive 1/5 scale. I actually own the previous Vocal Concert Miku, and the size is indeed massive! Then we have one of Shunya Yamashita’s original designs, an unnamed character also in 1/5 scale. She is cast-off, so once you get the fishnets off she is most likely very NSFW.

The other two are both 1/6 scale, but given the poses I bet these will take up a lot of room! There’s Jeanne from Bayonetta and an amazing Kanu riding a horse. Both of these are pretty spectacular, and will take a lot of work to complete and get perfect. Especially Kanu–I can’t even picture how massive that figure will be!

If you want any of these, your best bet is of course to be at the event, but there are several proxies who will try to obtain garage kits for you and they always pop up (for inflated prices) on Yahoo Japan.

[via Mr. Surprise]


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