Myethos Makes Your Dreams Come True With Kamina

Believe in the figure company that believes in you!

Gurren Lagann fans have it pretty rough in the figure world. You like Yoko? Great, there are 20 thousand figures of her! You like Nia? Not as many, but enough to keep most people happy. But how about Kamina? There’s… there’s one real figure of him, and it’s both insanely expensive on the aftermarket and insanely rare. So good luck there.

Thankfully, Myethos is pulling out a huge surprise and has announced a figure of Kamina! It’s going to be 1/6 scale and will retail for ¥15,000. Given that the price is already available, I wonder if he’s already sculpted? And how will he look with their wedding Nia?

[via Myethos]


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