Nendoroid Batman is The Knight


At first I thought the idea of a Nendoroid Batman was just absolutely absurd. I mean, he’s too badass to be small and chibi. But after listening to some appropriate music (and squeeing over the NicoNico pictures), I am 100% sold on this little dude. I MEAN JUST LOOK AT HIM. The angry face, his little frown. The bat ears. So cute.

He also comes with a lot of goodies! There’s a Batarang (of course) and a grappling gun, along with his bat signal that can be displayed two ways (on and off). But the best accessory by far is his wrapped-around cape. That, yes, will fit other Nendoroid heads! Oh god, I want a whole army of them. Orders open tomorrow night!

GSC online shop pre-orders will come with a special 75th Anniversary Batsignal

[via Kahotan]


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