Nendoroid Generation Limited Bundle Revealed!

When I saw that there was going to be a Nendoroid game, I must admit that I thought it was pretty stupid. But as information started leaking, I realized that I really wanted to play it! While at first it was just announced to be a simulation game where you play with the Nendoroids, we now know that there are 2 other modes: a turn-based RPG type battling system and a dance mode! There’s also a huge number of Nendoroids to pick from, and tons of cute outfits to put them in! Check out the gallery for some painfully adorable screenshots.

But of course a game based on a figure has to have a fancy special edition, right? Nendoroid Generation comes with not one, not two, but eight Nendoroid Plus Charms! EIGHT. The character lineup is BRS, Saber, Nanoha, Reimu, Haruhi, Louise, Makise, and a secret release. If I had to guess about the secret one, I’d say it will be either a Miku or Gumako.

The limited edition will retail for ¥10,480 and the regular for ¥6,280, which means that you’re only paying 4k more for 8 tiny Nendoroids–not a bad deal at all! These should be going up for order soon, and I know I’ll be picking up a set!

[via Nendonesia]


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