Nendoroid Joker Will Put A Smile On Your Face


One of the most exciting/bizarre/unexpected announcements from Summer Wonder Festival was definitely the unveiling of a Joker Nendoroid. I mean, I guess it makes sense–they’ve been doing mainly good guys so far, but every Batman needs someone to fight! Or else he’d just mope around in the batcave all day doing nothing.

Now the time has come to get the full preview of this little maniac. I mean, he’s so cute! And demented! I haven’t really liked most of the comic Nendoroids but I can totally get on board for this. Scary laughing face? Check. Knife? Check. An actual Joker card? Check. Piles of toy money? Check! No pencil though, sadly. The Joker retails for ¥3,800 and will come out in February barring delays: orders placed on Amazon Japan (through a proxy) get a bonus background!

Pre-order At: AmiAmi | Big In Japan | Hobby Search



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