Nendoroid Monomi From Super Dangan-Ronpa


Good Smile Company tends to fast-track Nendoroids they think will be particularly popular, and given how many people are totally freaking out over the (apparent) awesomeoness of Super Dangan-Ronpa it’s no surprise how quickly Monomi has flown to production. She was announced at Wonder Festival, sculpted at ACE, and painted at Miyazawa Model Exhibition. In fact, that might be the single fastest announcement-to-completion I’ve ever seen on a Nendoroid.

However, the rush shows. Monomi comes with almost no accessories. She’s got a crying face and a twig. That’s it. All of the cool accessories in Mikatan’s shoot? She borrowed them from other things. The musical notes are part of the ‘Nendoroid More’ line and the rope doesn’t come with her either. Everything else comes with Monokuma. Sigh…. I’d have waited another month if it meant a more complete package.

[via Mikatan]


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