Nendoroid Nagisa Momoe Is Adorably Evil


[Note: this post contains spoilers for the final Madoka Movie]

We all thought the Madoka merchandise spew was over after Goddess Madoka, but we were wrong. Horribly wrong! The movies came out, and with them a flood of “redone” Madoka figures featuring the girls with slightly altered outfits that apparently warranted a whole new release. But all is forgiven, because something amazing has come out of all of this: Nagisa Momoe, the magical girl version of everyone’s favorite Witch, Charlotte!

Nagisa is pretty much the cutest thing ever, from her poofy pantaloons to her cat ear hat. And she comes with some amazing accessories, like her baby Witch buddies, a slice of cheese, a serving plate, and the world’s cutest bubble gun. But her faces are where this Nendo truly shines: she’s got the stock cute ones, but also what might be the greatest face in Nendo-history: a creepy Charlotte Witch face. I’m dying, it’s perfect! Nagisa goes up for order tonight and is slated for release in the already jam-packed month of June… but I doubt that will stop anyone from ordering her.

[via Kahotan]


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