Nendoroid Rider Prepares For War


Rider is absolutely my favorite Fate/Stay Night girl, but she’s gotten very little in the way of merchandise. I mean, I know she’s only in a few episodes but come on guys! Thankfully with Unlimited Blade Works we’re getting more figures of the original cast, including this adorable Nendoroid of Rider which was announced at Summer Wonder Festival.

As you’d probably guess, she does not come with a whole lot. There’s her weapons (of course), the removable eye mask, two faces (stoic and yelling), and an effect part for her Noble Phantasm. Oh, and of course there’s a GSC shop bonus: her summoning circle. Man, am I freaking tired of these bonuses. Stop trying to make them happen! Rider is going up for order tonight.

[via Kahotan]


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