Nerf Your Collection With The D.Va Nendoroid

When Good Smile Company first announced Overwatch Nendoroids, I was absolutely shocked that D.Va was not the first release. Okay, so Tracer is the mascot, but I was certainly expecting her second! She’s anime as hell, and certainly a fan favorite. But we got quite a few characters before here.

Thankfully, D.Va main’s time has come to shine! Everyone’s favorite video game playing/mech piloting diva is coming in Nendoroid form and she looks hella cute. They even gave her the selfie victory pose! And her gun, so you can hide behind things and blindly shoot until you can summon your robot. Sadly, she does not come with a full-sized mech (well… thankfully for our wallets) but just a mini one. She retails for ¥4,800 and comes out in August. If you order her from the GSC shop, shipping to the US is only ¥1,000!

Pre-order At: GSC | AmiAmi | Hobbyfan | HLJ | Big In Japan


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