NYCC 2011: Kidrobot x Kronk’s Yankee Pig Dog Labbit Biological Warfare Edition

Back before New York Comic Con, we showed you Kronk’s special Yankee Pig Dog Labbit Biological Warfare Edition, which was quite controversial — it was blatantly advertised as having major issues even before release. Well, at NYCC I decided to get up close and personal with one of these to bring every nitty gritty detail to you and let you decide for yourselves if this is acceptable or not. You can see many spots of the print not lining up, missing parts of the sculpt, very poor paint lines, and much more. Personally all of this completely turned me off from buying the figure, which is a shame as I love the original idea and design so much with all of its amazing color choices, bomb additions, and faces on the backpack, but what do you think? Let us know in he comments below!


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