NYCC 2011: Kotobukiya’s Bishoujo Line

As always, Kotobukiya’s booth at NYCC had a ton of figures and art for their popular Bishoujo line, which features female comic, movie, and game characters illustrated by Shunya Yamashita. There were no new prototypes this year, but tons of new announcements were made and many older figures made an appearance!

They of course had the concept art for the 4 new Facebook announcements–Jaina Solo and Asuka Kazama were on display, and the art for the new Black Widow and Storm was tucked in their pamphlet. The same pamphlet that hid the news about the Street Fighter and Men In Black Bishoujos! There was also the art for the Tekken Bishoujo Alisa on display, with a surprise announcement–before she is even sculpted, a second colorway has been revealed! This special edition has a soft orange and red color palette that fits her quite well.

As for the sculpted Bishoujos on display, we had of course the new-and-improved Liara who we have already taken an up-close-and-personal look at. The Tekken Bishoujo Christie was also out (both painted and unpainted), and we took a peek at her back at SDCC if you’d like a closer look. They also had unpainted prototypes of Poison Ivy, X-23, and Mystique–though we have seen X-23 painted already and the others were colored at previous events!

Then many of the older ladies were out on display, showing a nice history of the line and how the sculpting and designs have evolved. It will be exciting to see how these new announcements come out, though I’m sure we are going to have to wait a few months to see them ready to order!


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