NYCC 2012: Argonaut Resins Booth Overview

Argonaut Resins was actually at two different booths at New York Comic Con, no doubt in an attempt to confuse rabid Tuttz fans! To no one’s surprise, the minis flew off the table every day, though thankfully some of the gorgeous larger customs stuck around long enough to photograph. The excavated Tuttz custom by Adam Pratt definitely stole the show–just look at all the detail on the mini workers! There was also the lovely 8″ Cleopatra custom by Clinton Yaws and the matching blue & pink customs by Rich Page. There were some Kings of Atlantis skulls out as well, and a few of the Red Lantern mini Tuttz. Stephen and I were lucky enough to snag 3 minis at this convention, bringing our total up to 37!


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