NYCC 2012: Bad Applez Inc. Booth Overview

Bad Applez Inc., the dynamic duo of Nemo and OsirisOrion, who masterfully sculpt and paint, decided to bring some goodies to NYCC this year. The duo, who have been working together for about a year now, and both of whom are from the New York area, decided to bring it big and have lots of tie ins with comics and New York in general. From the amazing skulls in the header of Batman, the Joker, Spider-Man, and others, to more traditional pieces like a Munny with an apple for its head (which sadly sold as I was taking these shots and didn’t get to take a picture of it), there was something for everyone on hand.

The gorgeous skulls in the header also came in large size pieces (about 5″ or so), and smaller charm sized pieces and I really can’t wait to see more in that line. NYCC also saw the release of their hand sculpted and resin cast pieces called the Dust Mitez, which are, admittedly, quite adorable. Definitely give the gallery below a look through and be sure to keep an eye on these guys over the months and years to come as they produce some amazing stuff!


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