NYCC 2012: DC Collectibles’ Ame-Comi Line

I haven’t exactly been the biggest fan of DC Collectibles’ Ame-Comi line: so far I’ve vastly preferred Kotobukiya’s Bishoujos, mainly because the sculpting on the Ame-Comi girls is just…. weird. Like the new(ish) Holiday Catwoman for example, who doesn’t even have room for her organs in that tiny little body, the poor thing. But they’ve been improving steadily recently: the Brainiac and Harley Quinn version 2 they had on display looked quite nice, though Harley’s baby face does freak me out. The star of the show, though, was their Mary Marvel who… I actually really like! She’s just so cute! And also doesn’t suffer from a disturbingly tiny body. I never thought I’d say this, but I am actually considering adding an Ame-Comi to my collection!


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