NYCC 2012: DC Collectibles’ Booth Overview

We’ve already taken a look at DC Collectibles’ Bombshell line and their Ame-Comi girls, but of course that’s not all they had on hand at New York Comic Con! While they’re certainly producing less figures now than when they were DC Direct, their focus has narrowed and the statues they are putting out seem more refined and in line with current comic trends.

The stars of the show (for me at least!) were the two Sandman figures: one gorgeous piece of Death, and a re-issue of their Death & Dream bookends. They also had an impressively large horse-riding Batman, along with a statue from the brand-new show Arrow. The Batman Black & White line was on display, along with the Metallic Superman statues (though Frank Miller’s one looks just…. weird). Of course there were a handful of New 52 action figures, along with a sultry Arkham City Harley Quinn. The Bombshells are still my favorite thing they had on display, but I am totally in love with that Death statue!


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