NYCC 2013: Good Smile Company Booth Overview

NYCC 2013 GSC Booth Header

We’ve already shown you a few of the more memorable pieces at Good Smile Company’s booth: Belldandy & Holly Bell, the Attack On Titan goods, 7th Dragon Miku, Bayonetta, and Nyaruko. But of course there are more than just a few figures in a booth as big as Good Smile’s! They had lots of Madoka merchandise as you’d expect, in fact it was almost their whole lineup! Nendoroids and scaled figures a plenty.

In fact there were tons of Nendoroids from a lot of different shows and series as well as figmas and scaled figures. We’ve got Vocaloids, Samus,  Dangan Ronpa, and a few of their past exclusives. Check them all out in the gallery!


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