NYCC 2013: Good Smile Company’s Attack On Titan Lineup

NYCC 2013 Attack On Titan Header

When you walked into Good Smile Company’s booth on preview night, there was a crowd around one of the display cases. It took a bit of waiting (and, okay, I’ll admit it: some shoving. I’m a New Yorker, so sue me!) to get close, but once you did the reason why was clear: the entire middle shelf was dedicated to Attack On Titan figures!

I was really surprised by the amount of prototypes they brought to the con. They had Nendoroids of Mikasa Ackerman and the Colossal Titan, figmas of Mikasa and Eren Jaegar (who isn’t even up for order!), and the big daddy himself: the horrifying “figma” (come on, this thing is a monster!) of Colossal Titan. Why is his head so tiny? Where are his joints?! This thing is gonna keep me up at night.


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