NYCC 2013: Kotobukiya Panel: Video Game Statues

NYCC 2013 Kotobukiya Panel Video Games Header

Video games are a great pass time for many of us, but when we’re not playing video games, it’s great to have figures of our favorite characters to look at! We already showed you that Cammy and Juri are next up in the Street Fighter world, but before they hit the shelves next year, Chun Li will kick her way into stores in February. In the world of Tekken, Ling Xiayou and Jun Kazama were shown off, who will come out in November and March, respectively. After all of the fighting game announcements, it was revealed that the Halo franchise will be seeing its return to the ArtFX line, which many fans will be happy to hear. Last, a Batman 1/10th scale ArtFX+ from Arkham City was shown off along with an announcement that Arkham Origins figures are also in the works.


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