NYCC 2013: Kotobukiya’s Spider-Woman Bishoujo Gallery

NYCC 2013 Kotobukiya SpiderWoman Gallery Header

Shunya Yamashita is a respected but controversial artist. Lots of people love him, but it’s hard to deny that his pinup style can go a little over the top sometimes and border on trashy. I find his taste level to usually be okay, but I had a lot of issues with the Spider-Woman art. Boob-socks, awkwardly sexual crouching pose, a pelvis apparently made out of silly putty.

But my opinion definitely warmed with the grey sculpt, which improves on a lot of areas. The pose is much more tasteful here, seeming more like crouching than, well…. you know, and they totally fixed the latex boob-sock effect. Plus her face is totally gorgeous! And the hair! Hopefully the paint comes out as nicely as the raw sculpt.


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