NYCC 2013: Kotobukiya’s Street Fighter Bishoujos Cammy & Juri

NYCC 2013 Kotobukiya Street Fighter Header

It was kind of a big deal when Kotobukiya scored the Street Fighter license and added the girls to their Bishoujo line at NYCC 2 years ago, but it’s been slow going since them. In fact, it was just recently that we saw the painted Chun Li (who, by the way, we’ll be taking a closer look at later on at the convention!). It seems like the line’s finally moving a bit faster, because we have two pieces of news for you.

The first is the art for Cammy: if you’re a fan of hers, I’m sure you’re probably pleased. Me… not so much. Boob & butt pose, oh my! Cammy, is your spine a turret?! I’ve never been a fan of hers so I didn’t really expect to be excited by the art. However I am looking forward to the new announcement: Juri will be the third girl in the lineup!


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