NYCC 2013: Max Factory’s 7th Dragon Miku Hatsune

NYCC 2013 Max Factory’s 7th Dragon Miku Hatsune Header

Every year, there’s one figure that is…. “the one.” Like Cinderella at the ball, she shimmers down the staircase and sweeps you off your (metaphorical) feet. For me, 7th Dragon Miku Hatsune, who was painted at Wonder Festival, is that figure. Sure, she comes out in January and 2014 is a long year and we’ve hardly seen a quarter of its releases. But she’s just… perfect!

Good Smile was kind enough to bring her prototype to NYCC and I can safely say she’s one of the most gorgeous figures I’ve ever laid eyes on. The sculpting is perfection, the colors phenomenal, and she is BIG. They state 1/7, but I’d put her closer to 1/6. And I love her and want to run away to the Bahamas and live happily ever after with her. Miku, you’re the one for me!


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