NYCC 2013: Max Factory’s Belldandy & Holly Bell

NYCC 2013 Belldandy Header

Of all the figures Good Smile & Co could potentially bring to New York Comic Con, this is definitely not one I thought would pop up! Something this delicate is not something I’d want to ship overseas in prototype form… but apparently, Belldandy is nearing her release date and based on the numbered base this might actually be a regular release. If so, I am absolutely astounded because the craftsmanship here blows anything I’ve ever seen out of the water.

We’ve all seen this figure what feels like a hundred times. We’ve featured her on the site over and over, but seeing her in person is something else. The sculpt alone is just… mind-blowing. The detail! Her HAIR! I am so happy I pre-ordered this piece, and she’ll undoubtedly be the show-stopper of any collection she joins.


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