NYCC 2013: Phat! Company’s Bayonetta

NYCC 2013 Bayonetta Header

There are some figures I dislike on principle. When Phat! Company’s Bayonetta popped up at Summer Wonder Festival over a year ago, with her leg in the air like she was going to mark her territory, I instantly disliked her. I’ll admit, it was almost entirely because of my dislike of the game (which I find unbearably tacky). Bayonetta has had a bumpy ride since then: she went up for order in September of 2012 and still isn’t out! Apparently her release is this month, and GSC did indeed have one on hand at their booth.

Looking at her in person, I let out a sigh. I’m still not going to buy her (the space she takes up is astounding!), but she really is an impressive figure. The base alone is almost worth the buy, and her hair is spectacular. Seriously, if they could just put that base and hair on a figure that isn’t spreading her legs like that…. it’d be awesome.


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