NYCC 2015: Kotobukiya’s Bishoujo Sniper Wolf Gallery


There are a lot of game licenses that you’d think would be the perfect fit for the Bishoujo line. Soul Calibur, Final Fantasy (in my dreams), BlazBlue, Darkstalkers. I don’t know if Metal Gear Solid was on anyone’s list, since it seemed so unlikely, but here we are! With a shiny full gallery of Sniper Wolf, who we showed you a taste of earlier.

I know there have been some complaints about her boobaliciousness but surprisingly I don’t mind them! I know, all I do is complain about boobs and here I’m like “ehh, they’re not floating?” I think I’m just distracted by the pose and AMAZING BASE. That little doggy, aww. So, bets on how long it will take before we get a Quiet Bishoujo?


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