NYCC 2016: Intelligent Systems’ Fire Emblem Camilla


Good Smile Company/Max Factory’s Fire Emblem line has been slow-moving, but definitely a highlight of their figure production. Tharja and Tiamo are both beautiful, so of course I was quite excited when we saw Camilla, aka purple hair cat ear waifu, at Wonder Festival. I mean, technically she’s not listed as a GSC figure, but Intelligent Systems has never produced anything themselves so… I doubt they’re involved that much in the sculpt and paint.

Anyway, Camilla was painted at NYCC this year! And she looks gorgeous. I could do without the floating balloon boobs, but that’s true of almost 50% of the figures out there. Sigh. Her hair is beautiful (clear PVC!!), I love her sky expression and the detail of her sculpt. Now to wait to see how much she’ll hurt my wallet.


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